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Your website is your online Sales rep. It starts a dialog between you and your potential customers, allowing them to know you and see if they want to work with you. Make sure it sends the right message. It should answer their questions. Let them know clearly what you can do for them, highlight the benefits they’ll get by working with you and invite them to take action (contact you, hire you, subscribe to your list, etc.)

How does this work

Our Process

Defining your brief from the main idea, the essence, the big picture, to the vision, your goals and dreams for your business. What are you values, your uniqueness? What is your style? Who are your customers? What do they want? Like? How should they feel? What should they experience?

We offer you 3 logo options, explain to you the creative process. You choose and can ask for mixes, color changes, etc.

We give you your final logo with the modifications you asked so you can validate it.

We build your branding around the logo and concept you chose.

We show your branding and together we see if anything needs adjusting.

We give you all your branding in all the forms you might need, with its manual so you know how to use it and make the most of it!


Our work


Liderazgo que Inspira


Manuel Acosta


Louis Moulines

Design Plan

Logo + Branding

  • Logo design (3 options, 1 review)
  • Branding manual
  • Branding moldboard

– $799 –

To take over a 12 weeks period

Let’s create together an awesome brandig for your website and business.