We build your website for you

We help you get the efficiente, simple and beautiful website you need!!



Using WordPress and a powerful template, your website will be able to grow alongside your business! Don’t worry about getting a super sophisticated website with a lot of features “for one day you might need them”! We may start with a small and efficient website, but know that it can become as sophisticated as you which it to! You’ll be able to add features whenever you need/want them!



Not just a beautiful, your website is developed around strategies to attract and maintain customers.



Mobile responsive, intuitive and user-friendly. Clean, functional websites so your customers don’t get confused and take action on your website!



For as much as we are here to help you, you stay 100% independent. You have the control of everything (hosting, server, your website). We teach you how to make simple updates (new promotion, events etc.) and give you personalized video tutorial made on YOUR website in case you forget!

Our Process

We start by listening to you and ask you a LOT of questions. Who is your target audience? Do you have an existing website? What do you like/don’t like in websites? What do you want for yours? What are your goals & objectives? We carefully listen to your answers and help you figure out the ones you don’t have yet. It’s the most important step in the entire process.

Once we get who you are and what you need, we offer you a plan, either an existing package or a tailored one, based on the elements and features that you want or need for your website.

Based on the previous work done, we’ll create your design and build the site.

Time for you to review and your website and check the last design modifications and content changes you want

It’s time to launch! Before your site goes live, it’ll be subjected to a rigorous audit and usability test to ensure everything is ready to go!

Our Work

Starter Plan

You need a very simple but yet efficient website?

That package is for you!

• 5 pages
• Optional blog
• Responsive
(Optimized for mobile and tablets)
• 1 design revision
• Standard contact form
• Google map
• Google analytics
• Basic SEO
• SSL certificate
• Personalized emails
• 2 hours online training to make updates on your website
• Personalized video tutorials on how to make updates on your website

– $1,299 –

Let’s create an awesome website for your business.

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