We build your website with you



Build your own awesome website!

We build your website with you

We believe everyone can do it. We give you the best material (template and plugins) and the most efficient process so you know step by step what to do! we’ll help you every step of the way with incredible support, free resources and follow up meetings!


You can follow our method or go at your own style, the resources stay available if you change your mind or just need a little help on a particular point. And the online meetings are there to help you from simple feedback to design, user experience or technical recommendations.

Ready to make the most of your website?

How does this work

Our Process

We help you get clear on the most important questions so you can build an awesome and effective website. Who is your target audience? Do you have an existing website? What do you like/don’t like in websites? What do you want for yours? What are your goals & objectives? Most of all we explain to you why all of this matter and how it should help you design your website! During this meeting, we help you create a plan of what you want for your website and how you’ll get it!

WordPress setup, Premium drag and drop template and Plugin installation that’s the only thing we do for you!

During this meeting we show you all the tools and resources you have at your disposition and how to make the most of it! From copy writing classes, user experience recommendations, templates to help you figure out how to make the most of your website and grow your business, etc.! We got you covered!

You start building your website and let us know when you need some help or feedback! We’re available by emails and you can schedule your online meetings when you feel like it! You can either use them as a follow up/ accountability system so you’re sure you respect your deadlines, or when you feel stuck and want some help! (we can figure that out in the first session and you always can change your mind!)

We give a final look and usability test to your website and we celebrate the awesome website you created!

DIYers Plan

You have an eye for design, you can already “see” your website but 

just need a little help to actually build it?

This plan is for you!!

• Template and some awesome plugins
• Resources to help you build a strategic website
• Actionable, practical and Detailed “best practice” process to build your website with checklists, recommendations and tutorials
• Strategic marketing advice to help you focus on important marketing/user experience elements (and think SEO)
• Resources (SEO, stock photos & what you’ll need to build your awesome website)
• Follow up: This plan includes a 6 x 1 hour meeting to follow up on your website*! You won’t be alone in this!

– $799 –

To take over a 12 weeks period

Let’s create together an awesome website for your business.