Modern Web Design

Trends in web design are easy changing, in a while we just viewed another design from what we’ve viewed a few minutes ago.

Let’s check on some enormous 2011 trends in Modern Web Design implemented by website design agencies and designers on the web today!

Here are the Trends:

• HTML5 and CSS3- these two will make it simpler for you to build some modern elements in the web, including wikis, drag and drop functionality, smarter forms, social tools and beautiful typography. Some may debate on these but these are two of which you should watch out for in 2011.

• Using typography as design element- typography is important because it is the main way on how you can communicate with the viewers or audience of your website. This would result to creating images that would be user friendly and will optimize search engine to be visually appealing.

• Editorial-style layouts- this can optimize the space of your website and will leave lots of content that are useful in your website. This will add viewers to your website because it will not be difficult for them to find information anymore.

• Minimalist layouts and color schemes- this will take fewer resources for the site to be maintained, may be used by those who have minimal content on their sites.

• Large and interactive website headers- essential to convince website visitors and will make a lasting impression.

• Link-rich footers- Having a lot of links will help the visitors to navigate them to desired sites quickly. This will be an added benefit for them and to you, as well.

• Mobile compatible websites- provides ease and convenience, especially to those who are fond of using mobile phone internet.

• Wider layouts- making the most out of the available space in your website

All the new trends are not covered here, but hopefully you are given the idea as to how development in the web design world is fast changing.

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